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Palm Oil fee, for the BBC!

Very exciting start to 2018! Have been asked by BBC Radio Scotland to do a regular feature on the "Kaye Adams Show" giving up 1 thing each month. I start my feature with something I'm very passionate about, the evil palm oil. It's in everything from biscuits to shampoo to pet food and it's killing our planet and it's vulnerable animal families. I've always tried to avoid it but only just looked in to the darkest research on just how many products it's in. We're looking at around 50% of all supermarket products containing Palm Oil. It's heartbreaking that Orangutans

are losing their natural habitat and dying purely for our consumption for an oil which producers are using instead of trans fat oils. We all know that palm oil is an environmental disaster; it is a major cause of deforestation and habitat loss, specifically for orangutans. The WWF has a good report on the various impacts for further reading however, in the meantime I'll be going palm oil free for the month and researching alternatives, reporting on the do's and dont's of supermarket shopping and listing the biggest offenders and the winning ethics companies. I'll be keeping you updated on my blog ( will be on BBC Radio Scotland at various point throughout he month to keep you updated on my findings. Onwards and upwards! Let's save this planet by ending our disruptive ways now and respecting our planet a little more saving it and all it's species for our children's children to enjoy. #peace #palmoilfree #nopalmoil


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