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Resting bitch face and Baby wearing benefits!

I think I've mastered the resting bitch face. Seriously though, I'm feeling good and happy and content and loving smelling Oryn's head when I carry him in the baby bjorn. I've used it since he was a few weeks old and I love it because I he settles well in it, we feel close and I can SMELL HIS HEAD ALL DAY! I love the smell of his head. It helps with bonding and is also beneficial for stimulating the hormones and feel good factor. I had a very bad experience with Pnd with my first son so I could do with any help in that department with baby no2. I'd like all the help I can get when it comes to all the positive mumma baby feels. So even thought I may not look happy, I'm very relieved that the PND hasnt struck this time round and I put it down to many things like being more experienced 2nd time round, knowing the signs, giving yourself some self care, not being too hard on yourself and baby-wearing so I can sniff that wee pumpkin head! I can't recommend the baby bjorn in soft jersey enough. It's certainly very soft and comfortable. Click here for what babybjorn say about the benefits of baby wearing.


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