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Technicolor yawns and the cat shat in the bed

It's always the way, you've promised a play date, softplay, exciting treats for the last few days of the February school break and boom!.....the technicolor yawn strikes. I always seem to get an inkling when the sickness bug is about to erupt. Funnily enough, it somehow seems to happen just after I've changed the bed linen when its all fresh, crisp, white and smelling of fresh air. It's almost like I make it happen by thinking about it. It also seems to happen when I've decided to stay up late and watch that last episode of Derry Girls that takes us to well on our way to midnight. However, moaning aside, it's really not nice to see our kids being sick. I hate being sick! I think it's possibly one of the most disgusting things that our body can do (I know it's only natural and important for our bodies, but still), and knowing how to aim it, can take many years of practice as we all know too well. As adults, we know when we're going to be sick, we wake up from sleep (unless we've had too much electric soup) and we know it's a matter of urgency to get to a spewing station pronto. But with kids, they don't seem to have this internal waking up system when they're about to be sick, and that does worry me as a parent. Many sleepless nights I've had watching, waiting, anticipating a spew and it doesn't happen. Then out of nowhere, a big technicolor yawn all over the bed sheets and pillowcases springs you in to action like a Ninja out of a Kill Bill film! The bed was stripped in record time (once I realised that this wasn't a dream) and I was in super mum mode! We're currently on the sofa and have been up since 4:30 and it doesn't look like we're going back to bed anytime soon. Plus, I'm scared to.

Mind you, no matter how much my son spews in bed, it can never be as traumatic as the time little Maxi cat had the shits under the covers. The three of us had all had a really, really, really bad dose of the tonsillitis and apparently, there is a type of tonsillitis infection that humans can pass to cats. Maxi had been a wee bit unwell for a few months, having toilet troubles and shitting all over the place. He was banned from the bedroom until I thought all was well. Then one morning at about 4:30, my partner woke me up in a panic whilst announcing that Maxi had had the shits under the covers, yes, under the covers. I looked at my partner and he was covered in it. It was all down his back, on his boxers, down his side and all over out bed. He's been lying it and our son had rolled in it too. Stripping a 3 yo to go in the shower with you at 4:30 is a precarious task. Anyway safe to say my flat had never been cleaner as EVERYTHING had been steam cleaned and Maxi cat is all better now.

Back to this morning and after lots of cuddles, juice and back to back episodes of The Amazing Adventures of Gumball and Duggee, we're on the sofa and I think my son is feeling a little better. I've just had the question about softplay with friends today, a play date and my his friend coming over for tea, and sadly, like a bad mum, I've cancelled all. Mainly for fear of infecting everyone else and becoming unpopular. So, our activities today and dinner plans with dear friends tonight have all been postponed whilst I try and entertain a 6 yo boy who's got a sickness bug whilst on a testosterone spike. Oh and I've got a really sore throat and feel like shit too, but parents don't have time to be ill, plus I've got a lot of washing to get through now. I might sound like a moan but I wouldn't change any of it for the world, and there's something quite nice about looking after our kids and spoiling them with kisses and cuddles when they don't feel well. I'm taking advantage of the snuggles today as normally I'm being booted up the bum by my son who finds it hilarious, or I'm having footballs thrown at me which he finds equally hilarious. So remember folks, wash your hands and don'

t let your cat's sleep under your covers if the tonsillitis is going about.

Hayley X


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