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To #Meetoo or not to #Metoo?

#MeToo Some serious advice needed from all you strong minded women. I've worked in the media for nearly 20 years, had my ass slapped, been told to loose weight to better my career, sort my child care issues out (after taking one day off to look after my son who'd been up all night with a bug) and been subjected to various other 1920's opinions with a lot of men I've worked with. With the #metoo movement going from strength to strength, I've been approached my a large Scottish paper to write and open up about my experiences, but I'm scared. I'm scared that I wont get work (I'm freelance), be branded a trouble maker and that the skills I've worked hard to gain, will all be in vain. However, I desperately need and want to speak up, not just for me but for all the women in various fields going through the same/worse treatment because this is, and always has been unacceptable. Now is our opportunity to group together and speak up, but we all need support and I'll be honest, I need a nudge too in the right direction. The reason I'm posting this is there are a lot of strong women here and I'd love your honest advice before I write my article. It's ironic when you think about it because the entire issue is that we're scared to speak up and we're being told it's ok to speak up however, by doing this, we risk everything for ourselves. However, it all helps unite us and hopefully make way for a change in the future so that our daughters, sisters, granddaughters etc have a better experience.

What would you do?

The Muther



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