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Updated: Dec 12, 2017

I should probably start with where it all changed for us, because things changed recently, a LOT. I'm talking about leaving a full time job to go freelance, so that I could be more "mum who works PT" instead of "mum who works all the time, and occasionally gets to do the bedtime stories." I wasn't doing anything very well and was spread thinner than a sheet of black ice. I was ready to snap, so something had to give. When people would say to me "Holly Willoughby has kids and she can do it!", "Suzanna Reid, has kids and does it" or my favorite, "You're an adult, just get on with it and sort it out", it didn't make it easier. Plus Suzanna Reid has an estimated worth of £10 million, Holly Willoughby's house cost half of that alone, and just because you're an adult, doesn't mean that you're able to sort everything out. Flexible working or going part time wasn't an option, so I decided to leave my full time job as a TV Presenter for STV (Scottish Television for those South of the border), and spend more time with my family and 5 year old son. It was a difficult decision, mainly because we're fed all this bullshit how if you're not in a high powered job, with an ass kicking wardrobe, slimline waist, boobs up to your ears, a salary that would make a Kardashian wince, 9 kids, all immaculately turned out and a smoking partner, then you are FAILING! We're all on a conveyor belt, trying to keep up with the next person, who's keeping up with the next person, who's also keeping up with the next person and sometimes, just sometimes, the pause button needs to be whacked! I reckon it I hadn't done it when I did, I would be full scale nervous breakdown by now. I left my job in May 2017 to go freelance and be able to read my son a bed time story, pick him up from school and heat up his spaghetti hoops. All be it they're savers hoops as I'm not bringing in quite as much cash however, its been the boldest and most sensible decision I think I've ever made in my life. I feel like a normal person again, not a hamster on a wheel and I don't regret it. The feeling I get when I see that wee face coming out the school far outweighs the feeling I got interviewing Jason Donovan (don't worry, I'm not an arsehole name dropper, this one is a one off). I do miss some of my colleagues and the live buzz you get from being in a live tv studio however, its a no brainier for me what is more important at this point in my life. You never know, one day I might get to do both, but at a time when I wasn't doing anything well, and was stretched too thinly, it was time for a change. How that Holly Willoughby does it, I have no idea. Oh, wait, she earns a fortune, has a nanny, a cleaner, a stylist, a personal trainer, a lot of cash and a fucking magic wand. That's how :) Its been a few months of adjusting to freelance life and a lesser income however, all is well in Mutherland, for now, anyway.


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