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Working the festive period

Working as a freelancer in the media always means that you're busy when the majority of people are on holiday. It's something that's a given for me however, instead of being gloomy about it (I'm only doing a few days anyway), I look on the plus side. My partner and son get to spend some quality boy time together and strengthen the bond that they have.

I left for work at midday and left them both with their laptops and lots of sweeties in the house. It's a nice feeling to know the two of them are having a cosy day indoors and a well deserved rest.

It's also good for me working through the holidays when my partner is off because childcare is so expensive in the UK. Plus, I get to go out and be me. It might sound crazy to some but getting to express yourself through your work, regardless what your job is, it's really beneficial to have something that means you have a purpose. I find that when I don't have a purpose, that's when I tend to get depressed.

So, it might not be ideal working through the holiday season however, there are so many positives for me and hope if you're working through the holiday season that you're enjoying your purpose too.

Happy Holiday Season! x Hayley


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