The Muther

Hi!  I'm Hayley, The Muther!

I'm mum to Harris and Orun, who keep me on my toes.


  I love being a mum and feel totally blessed because at age 16 was told I'd find it very hard to conceive.  In my early 30's, and falling pregnant for the first ever (after a relatively straight forward pregnancy), along came a 9lb+ beautiful baby who I felt like I'd known all my life.  I fell in love with him instantly and jumped on board the roller coaster of ups, downs and emotional loop the loops, that I like to call, Mutherland.  A few years and a lot of trying No2 son, baby Oryn was born and they are both amazing.  Let me be honest for a moment and tell you that I find being a parent fucking hard work, just like I'm sure you all do.  From rushing around like a fanny, to never knowing if you're dealing with a situation the "proper" way, to putting up with the onlookers mid-meltdown and everything in between.  Yes I love my mini-me's who are constantly challenging me and pushing me until I'm about to fucking explode... with joy ;)  hey, if you don't laugh you'd cry.


No two days are the same but each is as entertaining as the next, and it's certainly been a whirlwind of emotions, good and scary.  I learnt a lot through my post and pre-natal depression (yes I'm a lucky fucker, had a double whammy - must have been bad in a previous life) and think I've gotten the majority of self doubt out the way however, that devil telling me I'm a terrible mum and doing it all wrong, still rears its ugly little head from time to time.  Being a mum, to me, is a lot of "lets give it a go and see if it works", if it doesn't, I'll try something until it does threaten to take the computer away until the wee ones listen to you.

I started the Mutherland blog so I can share my stories of motherhood and chat about  the situations I find myself in with you all.  I often find myself thinking "Fuck me!"  or "Surely this happens to other parents and not just me?".   I suppose by putting my thoughts and experiences of parenting out there, I'll soon find out.

Nobody gives us a book to tell us "how to be the perfect parent" or  the "manual to raising children", so I'm hoping there's something you can all relate to in Mutherland, and together, we'll fucking nail this parenting thing!  (Whilst looking glam, having shiny hair, clothes on the right way round and no eye bags......) X


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