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I remember being 17 and telling a friend how I wanted to be a TV presenter.  She laughed and said “Only women who are 6ft and blonde get that job”.   That sentence stayed with me a long time and made me more determined that ever, to do what I wanted to do, despite the lack of support from piers.  It also taught me to surround myself with friends who are supportive and not looking to pull you down.  As my favorite quote from Madeleine Albright goes, "There is a special place in hell for women who don't help other women."


  I never wanted to be on the TV to be famous, far from it.  I just find it easy to talk to people.  I always thought that interviewing people, reporting on stories, and telling a story seemed fun.  For the record, I’m not famous and that girl I told you about, we’re not friends anymore.

I had worked as a travel presenter for a few radio stations and then went on to present for them as an actual radio presenter.  That got me hooked on presenting and over the past 17 years I've worked on Scot Fm, Real Radio, Kingdom FM, Talk 107, Forth1 and contribute regularly on BBC Radio Scotland


It was a former presenter on GMTV and Real Radio radio who told me about The Nightshift on STV, and how they were looking for presenters (it was a TV talk show on during the night, with scenic footage of Scotland, with me gibbering all night.  Great fun!).    I was given a job and loved it.  The people who got in touch during the night, had the best chat ever.  Fun, quirky and up for a laugh.  I still rate it as one of my favorite jobs ever! 



In 2013 I heard about a new channel starting at STV, a channel in my home town of Edinburgh.  I applied, did a screen test and was given the job of TV Presenter for The Fountainbridge Show.  I learnt a lot in a very short space of time and finally, my dream had come true.  I was working as a TV Presenter.  


The Fountainbridge show lasted just short of a year and we launched in 2015 a new show, going out across all of Scotland called"Live at Five."

During my time with STV I've  interviewed loads of amazing and interesting peoplereported on different topics, voxed the public made VT's (short for video tape) and interviewed many familiar faces.


 I met some amazing people and also met some celebrities I’ve been a fan of for a long time.  People like Jason Donovan, Amy Winehouse,  Gary Numan, Sophie Ellis-Bexter and lots of really lovely people.  I enjoy interviewing people and hearing their story, after all, everyone has a story, and each one is unique.

 I left my dream job in 2017, so I could have a better work/life balance and joined the freelance world.


 I currently present for Forth 1, write for The Edinburgh Evening News, contribute for BBC Radio Scotland  and freelance in TV presenting and Hosting Events.

Its all about the balance and I'm still trying to get it right.

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