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I started writing for The Edinburgh Evening News at the beginning of 2017.  It's really been a great creative outlet for me, and I didn’t realise just how much I enjoyed it until I started doing it.  It's great to get things off my chest, share, and let off some steam on the keyboard.    


Many of my stories are about being a mum, working in the media, keeping my shit together, trying to juggle life and having fun at it too.  Sometimes, things don't always go to plan, so you can guarantee I'll be telling you about them.  In general, my stories should be familiar if you're a parent running about like a lunatic, spinning plates in the air, whilst cooking the dinner, doing the homework and holding in a pee!

I love beauty and especially cruelty free, so I'll be posting a lot about products I'm trying and what I think of them.  Being in my late 30's I'm more opened minded about trying procedures, stronger lotions and super strength hold in pants!  I'm all for body confidence and advocating positive body image, enjoying the curves, lumps and bumps, loving yourself and supporting your fellow women!  I've sick of all the pressure put on women today, and love how we're finally getting to a place where we see a size 12/14 model, as "the norm" and there are so many beautiful plus size women out there who are anything from a 16 to a 32!  


Working in the media, there has always been pressure for me to loose weight and be thinner, however, I'm my size, always have been and always will be.  Plus, its a lot about whats on the inside.  I'm all for trying to make the best of the outside, but I think we can get too hung up on it.  I worked on a modelling campaign for Michelle Mone in 2010 for Real Women and love how we see these campaigns. all the time now!  

You can read about the ULTIMO campaign and shoot here.



 I've spent a lot of time in the make-up chair so will be sharing some beauty tips and tricks that make-up artists have shared with me.  There are some good beauty finds out there and a lot of undiscovered gems that I think we should all be told about.  

I find writing really therapeutic and enjoyable and always like spreading the word if something is brilliant and if I think other people would love to know about it.  I really enjoy writing and if you enjoy reading it, then it’s a bonus.

You can find all me newspaper articles here if 

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